RxConnect delivers results within these channels:
  • The Department of Defense
  • The Veterans Administration
  • All Medicaid Fee-for-Service Programs throughout the U.S.
  • All Puerto Rico based payers including the Government Health Plan
  • U.S. Commercial payers


 RxConnect has these core capabilities:
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Customer negotiations
  • New product launch
  • Direct Marketing
  • Direct selling
  • Pack and ship
  • Prepaid prescription cards (co-pay)
A Commitment to Bringing Manufacturers, Payers, and the Health Care Team Together  
Founded in 2001, RxConnect brings the power of the health care team together for bottom line results. Through our +30 years of experience and expertise within the pharmaceutical industry we connect the best resources available for manufacturers, payers, and providers delivering measureable results. Founded on principles of continuous quality improvement and adopting the latest approaches in outcomes initiatives, prescription drug programs, and evidence based initiatives.

Reaching over 100 million patients throughout the U.S. our continued commitment to the success of the health care team ensures that we continue to deliver value while we Close the Loop in the health care team.

Whether you are a manufacturer, payer, self-funded employer, or any other member of the health care team, you can count on us to find ways to Close the Loop.

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